Best International School in Thailand


Brighton College Bangkok has world-class facilities that are considered the best of any British International School Bangkok. To reach this school takes about 20 minutes from east of central Bangkok. Brighton College embodies innovative learning spaces by combining the latest digital technology with traditional learning materials. Outstanding indoor and outdoor sports facilities allow all students to enjoy various opportunities. There is also a 650-seat theater, and world-class performing arts facilities allow children to showcase their many talents.

International school is way better than regular school. The difference is very striking; it can be seen from everyday language or the way of teaching in the classroom. In regular school, the test can be repeated in a week, two times or three times, even four times. Sometimes students must ask for a teacher’s revision schedule or ask for remission to get a better score. However, it is usually rejected. In an international school, the focus of student development is through the process, not the result.

Regular school student is usually weak in working on story problems. Regular school students are stronger in working on non-story problems. The most important thing is that students understand the application of calculations in the everyday world in the form of story questions. International school student gets used to discussing a problem in the form of a story.

Regular schools only focus on strengthening the right brain by giving a lot of material and boring teaching in class. Whereas, the international school made students develop both the right and left brain. Moreover, international school student experiences many things such as studying outside the class, experimenting in the laboratory, and many more.

That’s the reason why you should choose to enroll your student in an international school. Hopefully, this article can be your consideration.

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