Improve teacher’s morale in creative ways

The last two years have been really hard on us. With multiple lockdowns imposed and losing our near ones, the pandemic has hit us not just physically but mentally too. Though it had its silver lining too, people have faced life-altering effects!

The teachers have also had their fair share of the impact. No schools during the lockdown required them to go online to teach the curriculum. They were the ones that faced a lot of obstacles – from learning the new technology to connecting with students to ensuring that every student was on the same page as others!

In such difficult times, the educational institution needs to take care of their teacher’s wellbeing. Find resources to help the staff using This freemium website can get an email verified within no time. It also has a chrome extension to the Linkedin account, so finding the email contacts of the profile becomes an easy task.

Here are some tips that can boost the morale of their employees,

Recognise and acknowledge

Prioritising teachers is the utmost important factor for any educational institution. During the pandemic, teachers’ morale had dropped lower than the pre-COVID times. On average, 3 out of every 20 teachers either left the profession or changed to other schools.

The administration plays a crucial role in enhancing the confidence of their employees. Begin programs wherein you recognise the teacher and acknowledge their partnership at work. It will not only boost morale but the employee will stay loyal to the institution.


Who doesn’t face hurdles while working in an organisation? No matter how employee-friendly it is, they will have certain aspects to improve on. Your job is to identify the problem areas and start working on solving them. Keep the communication open and transparent so that the staff finds you approachable.

Sometimes, the teacher needs more resources than usual to teach the kids. Be acceptable and find ways to work around it. The administration’s intervention makes the staff believe that their work is valued. If possible, conduct one-to-one sessions with the teachers to know more about them and their work.

Other etiquettes

Seldom does anyone realise this but, teachers spend more of their personal time on school work. For example, evaluating the pupil’s answer sheets or preparing the lesson plan for the next day. These are additional work from the teacher’s perspective that takes up a lot of time and effort.

Be considerate towards their hard work and provide them with flexible scheduling. Ensure some time for them to grade the papers, talk to the parents and families, plan and engage with co-workers. Be mindful to invite them for any decision making. It will create a sense of belonging to the institution.


The teachers are learning the hard way, right from understanding the new technologies to coping with the new world’s trend. Being assertive towards their needs is the least we can do as an organisation. Offer them updated training and lessons to help them update with the world while they share their precious knowledge with the young minds of the future!