Reasons why learning English is important

Of the many languages ​​in the world, English is a language that must be acquired by each individual. English is an international language. However, there are still parents who do not care about it. Many benefits can be obtained after learning English. Not only knowledge, but English can take you to travel in every part of the world

Here are the reasons why we have to learn English.

1. Study abroad

One of the mandatory requirements to study abroad is English. It is undeniable that English language skills become requirements for further study. English skill is not only proven by the ability or right skills, but also English language certificate.

If you intend to study abroad, you should choose to study at an International School. Now, there are many british international school in thailand with good quality. Among the many international schools, the Bangkok Patana School is the best. In these schools, English is a mandatory language that must be used in schools, so that children become proficient in English.

2. Opportunities to get a job

Some so many people are still jobless. One of the causes of unemployment is the low quality of education and human resources. Most people usually learn what is already known. They do not want to develop themselves by learning new things, especially language. Having specialized expertise or strengths, such as proper English skills, are sought after by companies.

3. Good interaction

Everyone who plans to go abroad, whether it’s for holidays, work or school matter need to have good English skill. If you have excellent English skills, you will not get lost in any country. Since the international language is English, everyone will understand it. The opportunity to get friends from abroad is also easy if you can communicate well. By mastering English, you will socialize easily with people around the world.

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