The Importance of Children’s Education at the Golden Age

Education at an early age is important for children’s growth and development. So do not be surprised if parents give special attention to children in this golden age.

In Thailand, many ‘Early Childhood Education’ institutions have been established, one of which is Wells American Kindergarten Bangkok. Wells is an international school in Thailand that has a whole level of education, ranging from Kindergarten to high school.

The following are things to be aware of when you are going to put your children in Kindergarten:

The Explorative Nature of Children

We know that Kindergarten is essentially education that is held in order to facilitate the overall growth and development of children.

Children are always curious about things that are around them. They are unique, so they need understanding from the people around them. Curiosity makes them still want to explore the things they see, want to do anything, love to play, and sensitive to the surrounding.

Characteristics of Early Childhood

The characteristics of each child are undoubtedly different from one another. This characteristic is critical to be considered by parents or educators. The characteristics of early childhood include:

1) very sensitive with surrounding and have high curiosity
2) does not care much about the words and deeds of others
3) disobedience
4) like to imitate the things they see.
5) prefer to play outside with their peers rather than just playing at home.
6) exploration.

From the explanation above, we can understand what the characteristics of children in their golden age are. Education for children in their golden age is vital because it can give impacts on how they behave when they’re grown up.

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